About us

About us

Our goal was to start ``something of our own``

OPG (OPG stants for a Family Agricultural Lordship) Dežmalj is located in Posedarje, 25 kilometers from Zadar. Dražen and Ivana inherited the family OPG from his parents, and Ivana became the owner.

We have started with the production of natural cosmetics in 2015. We have recognized the potential in underutilized and neglected agricultural land, and the market that exists on the spot, because the farm is located in Posedarje which is a touristic place, it was logical to us to renew and use current opportunities, but also to expand them according to preferences. Out of love for nature and herbs, the idea for the production of natural cosmetics was born.
We grow olives on one hectare, and on an area of one and a half hectares we are currently raising a modern ecological plantation of almonds and medicinal herbs.
We withdrew the funds for financing the project from the EU Agricultural Fund for Rural Development from Submeasure 6.1. “Support for starting a business to young farmers” in the amount of 50 thousand euros. Share in the co-financed part: 90% of the EU, 10% of the Republic of Croatia.
The investment refers to the cultivation of neglected land, the purchase of seedlings, the installation of a solar irrigation system “drop by drop”, the purchase of a used tractor.
We decided for almonds because of the great need of the market, and we have a great desire to produce a line of cosmetics based on the oil of our organic almonds.
The goal we are achieving is developing in the direction of agritourism. We want to appeal tourists with something new and with innovative ideas. On our plantation, which is located on a hill above Posedarje, in an attractive position overlooking the Novigrad Sea, we want to build a House of Medicinal Herbs with a mini distillery. There, our visitors and tourists would get the opportunity to learn and produce something from natural cosmetics and then take it home as a gift.

About us

Production of natural cosmetics

The first step in the production of cosmetics is harvesting of herbs. It is necessary to choose the right time to harvest individual herbs because only the highest quality herbs can give the top cosmetic product. Harvesting of therapeutic wild plants and staying on Velebit, which is a real treasure, is a pleasure in itself. The plants we use for our cosmetics are immortelle, lavender, St. John’s wort, calendula, yarrow, sage, plantain, wounded, carrot, ivy, daisy, comfrey, gotu kola … When harvesting, you really need to be conscientious and pick it in a way that we can admire that plant in the same place also in the next seasson.
After the harvest, the herbs are dried and extracted in our extra virgin olive oil, but we also use other oils such as coconut oil, raspberry oil, etc.
In this way we get macerate, a top base for making our cosmetics. We use lavender, immortelle, chamomile and aloe vera gel for the water base of our cosmetics.
We also use other active and medicinal ingredients such as natural vitamins e and c, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, and the highest quality natural emulsifiers.
Finally, we add top essential oils such as immortelle oil, lavender, chamomile, myrtle, geranium, cypress. The entire production process takes place at our OPG in Posedarje.
Ivana is professionally trained as an olive grower and a grower of medicinal herbs.
We educate ourselves through workshops and professional literature and recipes, but we also apply the acquired knowledge and experience in the production of natural cosmetics.

Products for all generations

We exhibit at almost all local fairs
We sell our cosmetics in Posedarje at our OPG and at the stand in the center of Posedarje, which is visited by tourists during the summer, and we also plan to expand to the stronger tourist destinations.
Our greatest happiness and motivation is the positive reaction of our customers on the product
We have regular customers, and all generations are interested in our products. The products are bought by those who like natural as well as those who have certain skin issues.
Our best-selling products
Our best-selling products are immortelle moisturizer, hand cream, hyperpigmentation cream, 7 plant balm and plantain balm
Natural products for everyone
From the products we have: a line of cosmetics made of immortelle and lavender, a line of cosmetics for the sun, macerates, balms, tonics, emulsions and soaps.
Ideal for sea and summer
If you are close to the sea, by prior arrangement, you can always pick up your package of natural cosmetics that will with the sea and the sun further beautify your skin complexion.
Easy ordering and delivery
We send packages by mail or sell them at our OPG.